David AbramsonDavid Abramson spent his entire adult life, until his retirement, in the highway construction business.

In his very early adult life he worked for Abramson & Son, which was primarily owned by his father and brother Leo and Bill respectively. At that time A.E. Burgess was a partner in the business. After working in the field for several years, he acquired ownership in the business, which was then incorporated as Abramson & Sons, Inc.

In the early years, Abramson & Sons, Inc. was primarily a concrete subcontractor, building bridges and culverts as well as ditch paving and slope paving. They performed work for most of the larger highway contractors such as A.E. Burgess Co., Inc., McDowell-Purcell, Inc., Moss-Thornton, Inc., and many others through the years.

After operating out of the office of A.E. Burgess Co., Inc., in Birmingham, Alabama for several years, in 1970 the three Abramsons purchased the portion of the company owned by A.E. Burgess and moved their operations to property owned by the company in Pinson, Alabama.

With the company beginning to grow they began forming a separate bridge building company. Alabama Bridge Builders, Inc. was incorporated in March 1977, with the principals being Bill Abramson, David Abramson, Keith “Tack” Mims, and Tom Godfrey.

As growth continued and areas of interest differed, Bill and David separated the companies, with Bill keeping Abramson & Sons, Inc. and David taking Alabama Bridge Builders, Inc. As president of Alabama Bridge Builders, Inc.

David began a program of growth for the company, taking it in 1977 from a company of about 20 employees to about 100 by the mid 1980’s. With growth and expansion always on his mind, in 1985 the opportunity presented itself to acquire Ballew & Roberts Construction Co., Inc., which he did along with his two current partners and John Haraway, who had been a long time Ballew & Roberts employee. Ballew & Roberts was a grading and asphalt paving company which fit very well in the bridge building operation.

In 1994, David traded his interest in Alabama Bridge Builders, Inc. to Tack Mims for Mims interest in Ballew & Roberts and once again began a growth program for this company which continued until 1997 when he sold the company and retired.

David Abramson clearly understood that what was good for everyone in the highway industry was good for his company. He worked tirelessly on relationships in the industry.

He made it a point to get to know and to have a working relationship with every Highway/Transportation Director during his career. He always encouraged programs that were good for the industry as well as his own company. He worked endlessly every time legislation was pending in the State House concerning the highway industry.

He made it a point to develop an excellent reputation with elected officials that could be helpful to the industry. Especially during the last gas tax that was passed to help with the road program in the state, his efforts at the State House were very influential in seeing that the package was passed. He always worked quietly behind the scenes, never seeking recognition for himself, but being efficient in his efforts for the highway industry as a whole.