G. Mack RobertsMack began his career in the transportation industry in February of 1956 as an employee with the Alabama Highway Department. During his time there, he served in many capacities including Project Engineer, Assistant Division Engineer, Division Engineer, State Roadway and Bridge Maintenance Engineer.

In 1983, he became Assistant Highway Director and served as Department Liaison to the State Legislature and U.S. Congress.

In 1987, he left the Highway Department and went to work for Ultrapave, Inc. as their National Marketing Manager.

In 1990, he returned to the Alabama Highway Department as Assistant Director, once again acting as Department Liaison to the State Legislature and U.S. Congress.

In 1992, Roberts was appointed to the position of Highway Director under Governor Hunt and again by Governor Folsom in 1993.

In 1993. the Department changed from the Highway Department to the Department of Transportation. After the 1994 election he retired from ALDOT.

After his retirement from ALDOT, he returned to the private sector working for United Toll Systems as the Vice President, Engineering, Development and Construction. The company was responsible for the construction of the Emerald Mountain Toll Bridges between Montgomery and Millbrook and the Tuscaloosa By Pass Toll Facility.

He was also a Lobbyist in passage of legislation allowing privatization of toll facilities in the states of Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana. This was successful and these privatization laws were passed.

In 1999. Governor Don Siegelman appointed Mack as Director for the Alabama Department of Transportation once again. He remained Director until 2001 when he then went to work for Ultrapave, Inc. as Vice President and General Manager. He continued to work there until April, 2007 when he joined Alinda Roads, LLC where he became Vice President for Acquisition and Development for the company throughout the United States.

He has used his vast knowledge he acquired during his many years in the transportation industry to craft a career of excellence.

During his tenure as Transportation Director, he was responsible for the supervision of the daily department activities, as well as the annual budget. The department let to contract approximately 540 construction projects under his watch. He continued the revitalized efforts of the ALDOT/ARBA Liaison Committee’s work.

Mack has always been a friend to our industry and especially to the Alabama Road Builders Association.

Mack attended Jacksonville State University and the University of Alabama-Birmingham. In 1994 he was awarded the Governmental Official Award for Alumni for Jacksonville State University and presently serves on their Board of Trustees.