John A. HarawayJohn A. Haraway was born in Rogersville, Alabama on April 4th, 1934.

John attended Lauderdale County High School and Auburn University. As an outstanding student, he was able to work summers with Alabama Road Builders Summer Work Program. His assignment each summer was to work at Ballew & Roberts where he worked in their field training which resulted in his employment as Chief Engineer.

Upon graduation from Auburn in 1956 John spent a brief period as an instructor at Auburn. He also spent time working as a Jr. Engineer with Pan American Airways at Cape Canaveral until he was called to duty with the U.S. Air Force.

In 1958, after leaving the Air Force, John accepted a position with Ballew & Roberts Construction Company where he worked as a civil engineer. His experience was in highway and heavy construction with emphasis on clearing, earthmoving, base, bituminous paving, sanitary & storm sewer, railroad, dock and minor concrete structures.

In 1986, the company was sold to David Abramson, John Haraway, Keith Mims and H.T. Godfrey. After several years of all working together, David and John took over running and owning the company until January 1993, when John retired.

John was a long time member of Alabama Road Builders Association and served as President in 1989.