John P. MossJohn Parker Moss, a native of Frankfort, Indiana, graduated from Purdue University in 1924 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

For six years after graduating, he was employed by the Illinois State Highway Department, and from 1930 to 1939 was employed as an estimator, engineer, and superintendent for a construction company that worked mostly in the South.

In 1939, he and Edmond J. Thornton formed Moss-Thornton Company, Inc., a highway and heavy construction firm. John Moss then became the company’s president and remained in that position until 1973 when he was elected chairman of the board.

Mr. Moss was one of the driving forces in the development of the Alabama Road Builders Association’s program of student recognition and summer employment. Under this program, students from the University of Alabama were encouraged to enter the highway engineering and contracting professions.

In 1947 Mr. Moss served as the original president of the Alabama Road Builders Association and as chairman of the Alabama State Licensing Board for General Contractors. In 1957, Mr. Moss was honored by the University of Alabama with a professional degree of Civil Engineer.

In 1959 he became the chairman of the Alabama Road Builders Association student training program, and served as committee chairman in charge of “The Alabama Roadbuilder”, the official monthly publication.

In 1965 the prestigious American Road Builders Association elected him as its president.

Service to national professional organizations included membership on the National Advisory Committee on Highway Beautification, and the President’s Committee for Traffic Safety.

As Mr. Moss approached his 73rd birthday on July 26, 1975, he died quietly after a lengthy illness.