William T. AbramsonMr. Abramson devoted more than 40 years to the Alabama road building industry.

When his father Leo joined A.E. Burgess Construction, Mr. Abramson followed, and soon after they founded Birmingham-based Abramson & Sons.

When the interstate era began, the company served as a subcontractor on highway projects across Alabama, performing concrete structure work for builders including Burgess, Harbert, Moss-Thornton, W.S. Newell, and Warren Brothers. In 1974 the Abramsons established Alabama Bridge, Inc.

In 1977, Mr. Abramson took over Abramson & Sons and his sons Alan and Greg joined him. The company brought to Alabama its first curbing machine and led the movement toward slip-forming median barriers.

Active in the company until 1995, Mr. Abramson embraced high quality at a fair price.

Known for the friendships he developed through his working relationships, he earned the trust and confidence of his peers, competitors, clients, partners and suppliers  a reputation that continues today.