2012 Hall of Fame Ceremony

  • The candidate’s accomplishments, in the field of transportation construction, must have brought fame and honor to the industry in the state of Alabama.
  • The candidate must be 60 years of age OR have been retired for five years.
  • Company Owners
  • Company Employees
  • Alabama Department of Transportation Officials ]
  • Major Industry Supporters
  • Publicly Held Company

Approval Process for Individual and Company Honorees

  • All nominated candidates remain eligible for induction for three years from the date of nomination. (non-selected applications from 2002 will be eligible for consideration through Dec. 2005)
  • The cutoff date for nominations from the membership will be September 30 for the initial year; December 31 each following year.
  • All nominations to be considered for induction must be submitted to the chairman of the Hall of Fame board, and must include a summary of each candidate’s accomplishments.
  • The slate of honorees shall be selected by the ten-member Hall of Fame board of directors.

Honorees are selected based on a scoring system.

Each board member will be presented with a list of the names for consideration for the coming year. They will then rate individual applications on a scale ranging from one, two, three, etc. (1,2,3), with one being the highest score.

Upon completion of the scoring system by all board members, the applicants with the most number-one votes will be offered for admission in the honoring class for the current year.

The board of directors will decide upon the number of recipients for each annual ceremony. All non-selected applications will be kept in an active file for consideration for three successive years.

Click here to download the Nomination Application.