Hall of Fame

Started in 2002, by the Alabama Road Builders Association Board of Directors, the Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame honors, preserves, and perpetuates the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of individuals and companies/institutions that have brought and continue to bring significant recognition to the State of Alabama in the field of transportation construction.

The Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame is governed by a board of directors made up of past Alabama Road Builders Association presidents from each decade that ARBA has existed. This board determines the criteria for selecting inductees, the eligibility of candidates and a selection process for induction to the Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame. All candidates must meet criteria established by the board for each category. Currently, there are two categories: Individuals and Companies/Institutions.

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees
2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Nominations for induction into the Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame are made by open call to the ARBA membership. The Hall of Fame board of directors, which is representative of most geographic areas in Alabama, then designates those nominees who are to be inducted in a given year. Nominees who are not selected are held in an active file for consideration for three succeeding years. This file will contain biographical and other data on many outstanding individuals or corporations/institutions.

The transportation construction industry is delighted about the creation of an Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame. Individually and collectively, our industry makes significant contributions to the advancement of engineering and technology, leading to an enhanced economic, cultural, and political future for the state and nation. Those honored will serve as symbols inspiring others to pursue rewarding and challenging careers in all transportation construction fields.

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2013 ARBA Hall of Fame Board of Directors
ARBA Hall of Fame Board of Directors Membership

Hall of Fame Inductees

* – Member is deceased.

Class of 2013
Dr. J. Don Brock*
W. S. “Billy” Newell*
Gerard Swarthout, Jr.*
James W. Waitzman, Jr.*
Norman J. Walton, Jr.
Charles E. Watts, Jr.
Class of 2012
Benton Andrews
James Down Brown
D.W. Ellard, Jr.*
Keith R. Mims*
Sen. Richard Shelby
Class of 2011
Shirley Banks
Thomas J. Batey, Jr.*
James L. Carden*
Robert M. Cumbee
John W. Overton, Jr.*
Hosea O. Weaver*
East Alabama Paving Company
Class of 2010
James E. Folsom, Sr.*
John A.Haraway*
James H. Kelley, Jr.*
John L. Murphree*
Class of 2009
A.E. “PeeWee” Burgess*
Paul E. Chism*
Robert R. Dunn*
John Malcolm McInnis, Sr.*
Billy S. Wilson*
Class of 2008
David B. Abramson
S. Edward Hodges, Sr.*
Michael B. McCartney
G. Mack Roberts
I.J. “Jud” Scott. Sr.*
C.P. “Pat” Wilson, Sr.*
Vulcan Materials Company
Class of 2007
Roger Bass
Ralph E. Compagno*
S. A. Graham *
William A. Hughes, Sr.*
Samuel Barrow Murphree, Sr.*
William E. Page
Class of 2006
Dave Bennett*
Edwin M. Dixon*
Robert Edwin Grills*
John M. Harbert, III*
Charles E. Watts, Sr.*
James G. Whitaker, Jr.*
Joe D. Wilkerson*
Class of 2005
William T. Abramson*
Ray D. Bass*
Flynn R. DuBose, Sr.*
Thomas F. Hobart*
William F. Land*
G.W. Norrell*
Hall W. Thompson*
Norman J. Walton, Sr*
Class of 2004
Winton Malcolm “Red” Blount*
S T Bunn, Sr.*
H.C. “Hack” Jordan*
Fuller Asberry Kimbrell*
Michael H. McCartney*
Harold Mosley Newell*
James Whitfield Waitzman*
Class of 2003
James Cecil Ashburn*
William Houston Blount*
William Ransom Johnson Dunn, Jr.*
Quin Edmondson Flowers*
J. P. McKee*
Clyde O. Mitchell*
John P. Moss*
Edwin N. Rodgers*
M. R. Thomason*
Nimrod William Ezekial Long
Henry Grady Norrell*
Samuel M. Torrence*